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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finally! Photo & Note for the Girls

Dang! I just now have been able to actually have Gnomey respond to the flower girls request, by putting up the mailbox and leaving the photo and note. The girls were playing in the yard all yesterday and up until late this morning. You might ask, "what about last night"! Big problem here is that I think I go to bed earlier then the flower girls do. You'd be amazed at the stealthy, sneaky, and otherwise subterfuge involved in trying to keep this thing alive and somewhat believable. But the "stuff" is out for the girls to find, when they come home.


Holee said...

They'll be so excited..I'm excited!

Are you working on the picnic table? I expect they'll be asking next why gnomey isn't fixing up the patio they made.

I just don't know how you will teach quilting and keep up with the flower girls!

I hear ya..I joined the local quilting guild 7 months ago but haven't been awake at 8:pm yet to go. Why don't people do things at a decent hour?

Deb's Posts said...

Just got caught up on the adventures with the flower girls!Love the family photo with Gnomey
Great job as usual Tom :)

Tom H said...

Holee, Gnomey already has a few 1/2 inch flower pots that will have a seed(or Two)planted in each one. These will appear as soon as the danger of frost is over. And I suppose a picnic table is in order.

Neabear said...

I am still having fun with these posts about the flower girls and the gnomes. Best entertainment in a long time. :)

Kaaren said...

What fun! Wonder what will happen next?

Tom, you might have to take an afternoon nap on the days when you have a gnome-y response for the flower sisters in order to be able to stay up past their bedtime.