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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gnomes Tooth!

The flower girls and their mother were gone this morning, so I had an opportunity to check the Gnome mailbox. Yep! there was some mail. A message to Gnomey from Zinnia. The message was sealed in a green balloon. Within 30 minutes of me retrieving the message, the girls mother called. The call was made when both of the girls were at pre school and school. Mom said that she tried everything to talk Zinnia out of asking for a Gnomes tooth. She was probably worried about where in the devil I would find a Gnomes tooth. But Zinnia is very strong willed and refused to budge on her request. You see Zinnia collects animal bones and teeth. One day last year, she had her dad boil a roadkill down so she could have the bones....
Gnomey will put this "Gnome tooth" in a small envelope, along with the note and place them in the Gnomes mailbox. The tooth is about the size of a barley corn, and is made from a piece of Corian counter top.

And so, the adventure continues.


Holee said...

Maybe the flower girls should get a new name..road kill..yuck! How sweet is that or even girly..LOL

The tooth is really cute. You could have told her the tooth fairy took them all.

Valorie said...

What a great guy you are! We have a neighbor who took our boys under his wing when we moved into the neighborhood named Mr. Paul (Nelson) Our boys adore him. Again, WHAT A GREAT GUY YOU ARE!

Chris said...

OH my, how imaginative these girls are. Maybe this little "flower" will grow up to be an anthropologist or something wonderful like that.
Love the tooth, Tom.

Neabear said...

Very clever coming up with something for a tooth. I can't believe she messes with road kill. I wouldn't touch it. yuck

disa said...

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