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Monday, April 13, 2009

All In A Days Work

Getting ready for a carving show and sale this weekend, in Mansfield, Ohio. I've got several Noah's Arks and animals ready, some snake in the boxes, and a bunch of small tree ornaments. This year I'll be taking two Noah's Arks kits, that will be for sale. These kits will include a completed Ark, with 16 pairs of animals that are cut out and ready to be carved.
I'll also be taking some hand crafted knives, made by Thomas Perrin and myself. These hand made knives will be of several different kinds. Some have been made from old German straight razors, some from locksmith files, and pocket knife blades.

I also learned a lesson today, about quilting. Read the instructions along with looking at the pictures. I determined that I wanted to make half log cabin squares. I saw a really neat quilt made from them. But instead of reading about them I just looked at the pictures; and not too good either. For the half log cabin squares you must alternate the fabric in the logs. Instead of using three fabrics plus the center I should have used six plus the center. What I did was make chevron squares. It doesn't look bad, but its not what I intended.


Holee said...

Love the idea of kits. You should have made kits the were finished all but painting for those you don't carve, but do like to paint.

I love you little quilt. I have that blue rose fabric in red. (of course red) I am doing my little log quilt right now. The pattern is really a hard one to keep track of so I drew a block and colored it with crayons so I could follow it. It's making it much easier since there are 20 little 4 inch blocks.

MackTheKnife said...

The carvings are cool! Totally up to snuff. And that's quite a collection of knives. You're gonna give Carl and Thomp some real competition. Good luck with the show. I'm sure you'll do well.

diy said...

First and most importantly enjoy your show.
The Ark rough outs sound like a good idea. However its the knives that strike me as being top drawer. Now should I book a flight over for the show? Most likely SWMBO would vito that.

Chris said...

I like your chevrons, Tom. Now what's even worse is when you do half the blocks in a certain order, then put it away for a year, pick it up again only to do the remaining half in the oposite order. That doesn't look so good. I know!
Wow, I wish I lived close enough to go to this show. Those knives are super and the kits are perfect for someone who has only piddled a little with carving. I have a handmade knife a friend made for me years ago. I treasure it. So, how bout a price list for us???

Kaaren said...

Your Noah's Arks are to die for as are the knives. The quilt looks fine to me as well, Tom. If you hadn't mentioned it, we'd probably never have known the difference.

Good luck and have fun at the show!