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Friday, April 3, 2009

The Fun Continues - Maybe Expands!

While I was teaching a beginner quilt class, Zinnia and a friend from school came home to find the Gnome mailbox, the note and the family photo package. The little sister was at a friends house. Now the flower girls have some rules that were set down by their mom. These rules state that if one sister finds something from the Gnomes she has to wait until the other sister is there to open it. Since some time had passed between Zinnia's request for a Gnome family photo and actually getting a response from Gnomey, their mom had prepared the girls for the great possibility that no photo was coming. The girls were told that probably Gnomes could not be photographed (somewhat like vampires). My wife reported that Zinnia and her friend from school came running over, screaming and all "a-twitter" at finding the response from the Gnomes. Of course Zinnia wanted to open the package and read the note. My wife and the girls mom reminded Zinnia of the rule. And Zinnia agreed that she would not want Dahlia to open something from the Gnomes without her being present. It was the longest 15 minutes waiting to go get Dahlia, and bring her home. When Dahlia did get home they opened the package, read the note, and saw the photo. I was not home when this happened, but my wife said all three girls came running and screaming over to our house to show the photo. But the real kicker was, Zinnia's friend from school was heard to say, "I want to write a letter to Gnomey too! I hope he'll answer it".

Later, when I did return from the quilt class, nearly the whole scene was repeated.


Soukies said...

I love it! Imagine the conversation at school will be! I think this gives the girls a wonderful adventure! Maybe you could write one note with a scavenger hunt. Hide some items around their yard and say they misplaced them. Then the girls will have to look around the yard for each item. This is so much fun!

Tom H said...

Soukies, Great idea! I'll ask girls mom when the next party is. I know one of the girls has a birthday coming up...Might make a neat game for the party too.

Neabear said...

A scavenger would be fun! When my two kids each turned 6 they got a new bike. They are 3 years apart in age. Anyway, first it was my son, who got the bike. We did a treasure hunt thing for him and hid clues around my parents house, sending him here and there. They the next to the last clue took far enough away from the living room, so we could sneak his bike in there. The look on his face to see that bike was priceless. We did the same when my daughter was 6. That year her birthday was on Easter Sunday (April 15th). So she got her turn to go on a treasure hunt and found her bike at the end. She was so excited she was jumping up and down saying "I got a bike, I got a bike, I got a bike!!!" Imagine her saying that many times very quickly. It was so cute. Then my niece who is five years younger than my daughter got to do a treasure hunt at age 6 as well, but in this case she got a new desk for her room. Unfortunately we did not continue the tradition with the rest of the nieces and nephew. They were not born yet, so they don't know what they missed out on. My daughter is turning 25 this month, so that is telling you how long ago we did that.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I've told everyone I know about the Gnome Adventure - your fame is spreading! blessings, marlene

Kaaren said...

If there was a question before as to whether the flower sisters believed in the gnomes or not, the answer is as plain as day. Of course they believe! I'm beginning to believe!

This is getting better and better...and keeping Tom busier and busier!

Holee said...

You better start counting how many little girls live in the neighbor. You might have to use your spare time to write some "general type" letters as the fan club grows.

Tom, you are becoming an elf..sort of like the Santa Claus of Gnome land.