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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Old Sewing Machine...Really Old

Got a telephone call today from "Flea-market Kenny". Said he had recently acquired an ol' sewing machine. Wanted to know if I was interested. "Flea-market Kenny" is the one who I dickered with for two years before he met my price on a perfect condition Singer Featherweight. Kenny's recent acquisition is a WHEELER -WILSON treadle machine, vintage about 1860-70 (I think).
I think it's complete, with the exception of the flat drive belt. Now I know Kenny traded a pistol for the machine. When I returned home from checking this out, the first thing my wife said was, "you don't covet it do you"? I said, "Lord no"? You see, we already have five sewing machine in the house. But on a one to ten scale, with 10 being really don't covet it; I am really at about 8.


Sherry said...

I've got to show this to my sister-in-law. She purchased a Wilcox-Gibbs this past November. I have photos here:

Tom H said...

Sherry, Just came back from checking out the Wilcox-Gibbs machine. Does your sister-in-law sew with it? It's neat. After seeing these ol' "machines". I promise not to whine about mine, when it gets out of adjustment..

Holee said...

These old machines are great. My son has a factory treadle SewAll he uses all the time for sewing leather. No other machine in our house could go through the leather of a harness for the horse, but the factory one goes through it like butter.

He has sewn the soles on his very expensive dress shoes that fell apart.

I have a singer treadle with shuttle bobbins. I love it. When we lived in Lancaster we didn't have electric the first year. I had a hard time learning to use it.

I think I'd have to buy that one :)
You could trade him some of you pots.

lani said...

Tom that is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l i have an old machine in the closet that I keep tring to find just the right table to place it on it is next to hubbys ole U

Tom H said...

lani, So, husband has a banjo. I gots one too. Does husband play the banjo?

Tracy said...

sounds like you should go get it.....just in case the power goes out and you NEED to sew!

Sherry said...

Tom, No. Sister-in-law is living in an Avion travel trailer right now waiting (8 months) and waiting on her husband to start building their home (not even started yet). The machine along with everything else (except her Bernina) is in storage.

It's a really, really neat machine. No shuttle. I could barely get the photos because she was in the way polishing on it! ;o)