Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Art Festival, Swap, Gnomey!

These little 2 inch Santa's are left over from the Arts Festival. I carved these while sitting at the booth on Saturday, then stained them on Sunday. Sales of these little fella's were real good. I did not however, sell one Noah's Ark. But then the Arks are priced a whole lot higher than the carved Santa's. But that's fine! I now have "extra" arks.
This is the swap quilt that I finished and sent off today. Like an ol' man, I forgot to get a photo of the 20 inch quilt before I mailed it off. I don't remember if the quilt has binding and quilting in this photo. The finished quilt had both binding and was hand quilted, in an all over meander pattern. In this swap, the partners send each other the fabric for the centers of any style log cabin design. The little quilts cannot be over 24" x 24", and must be a log cabin style quilt.

And finally, Gnomey had to reply to the flower girls for all the presents. Gnomey has to be careful to include Dahlia in the messages too. Since Dahlia is only 4 she cannot write let, so Zinnia is the one who does the writing. Gnomey can't "short" Dahlia.
I am hopeful that things will slow down for me, so I can get a grip on things. It has been extremely hectic around here, and I some times have felt overwhelmed. Heck! I have been overwhelmed. Don't know if its ol' age or the fact that I am involved in too many things.....


Holee said...

I'm glad to hear someone else is overwhelmed too, misery likes company!

I'm working on 3 swap quilts + 2 baby mini's. I started a fall mini swap and a christmas swap with 20 quilting gifts. I have 100 christmas bags to fill and then there are the pillow cases.

I'll be glad to see 2010 so all this goes away! Maybe I'm getting too old to do all this :(

Just think, you just have to make it through the summer with Gnomey! Don't Gnomes stay inside all winter? :)

Tom H said...

or go to Florida!

Kaaren said...

Excellent reply to the gals, Tom. Very non-commital in that I don't think they will now expect anything in return in the way of a craft made from the goodies that they gave you.

I too know what you mean by being overwhelmed. But you know what 'they' say...it's the busy people who get things done.

Would we be happy any other way?

If you 'need' a home for more of your santas, you know where they'll be happy. I only have two left after my guild meeting today and I know I can sell more at next month's meeting.