Monday, May 4, 2009

Message From Gnomey!

The flower girls had left Gnomey a present of one of their pencils, then they left for a camping weekend with their parents. While they were gone I mowed their yard when I mowed mine. We both have about one acre to mow, and I have a good sized mowing tractor. I have a deal with the neighbor. I mow, since I am retired, and he maintains the mower. It's a great deal, cause he works so many hours, and his time is so limited when he's at home. He needs the time with his family. And mowing is much easier than lots of other things I should be doing..It's a great plan. But, as you can see, it can be disturbing to the Gnomes living under the neighbors deck. When the girls returned from camping, they were seen running to check for messages from Gnomey. The next thing I heard was, "Tom, you have to tell the Gnomes when you are going to mow"!

1 comment:

Kaaren said...

Ya gotta love those gals!

Sounds like you have a great rapport with your neighbors.