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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Arts Festival - Set up

We set up at the Delaware Arts festival this morning. Two main streets are closed off for the weekend, with exhibitor taking over. This is the space. This photo was taken prior to opening. If I wasn't taking the photo I would be sitting in the chair whittling. I do this festival with a friend who turns pens. His display is to the left.
This is one of my displays/ Four Noah's Arts and the pairs of animals, a red doll hutch with some small Santa carved ornaments, and a couple of framed quilt squares.

The final photo is my other display cabinet. The cabinet is a major part of the whole display, as it hold the tent down. The tent bracing is hooked to this cabinet. It was needed today, as a few storms moved through.
It was a good first day, as far as numbers of people go, but the economy hurt sales of the higher end stuff. Higher end, meaning Noah's Arks. Carved Santa ornaments went like hot cakes. But Sunday is always the better day for sales.


gypsylulu said...

A great looking space...hope you sell lots on Sunday!
the Noahs ark sounds wonderful...
how about a close up? lol!

Soukies said...

Everything looks great! Heres for some great sales on Sunday! Gypsylulu, if you click on the photo it gets bigger!

Tom H said...

Thanks, gypsylulu and Soukies. Lots and lots of folks on Sunday, but not so many buyers. But still a good show. Much less spendable income for non nesscessities.