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Friday, May 8, 2009

Quilting Class At Senior Center

My self and another person are teaching a basic quilt making class, at the local Senior Center. The class has 10 folks, and all are considered beginners. Most have however, sewn before. Some have had less than successful experiences with quilt making in the past. The first photo may illustrate this fact. I suspect the fabric in this UFO is 20 to 30 years old.
These pinwheel squares are being done by a lady who is very accomplished at hand sewing. She is getting used to machine work. When she cut the triangles with a rotary cutter, she was amazed at the speed, accuracy, and ease of rotary cutting. She had never used one before. For a beginning quilt maker her accuracy is amazing.

Not all the folks have a sewing machine. However, the Senior Center has about a dozen that were donated. This poor student got stuck with this ol' relic.
One of the things we stressed at the beginning of the 12 week session was to pick a project that they felt they could finish. This learner wanted to make a wall hanging that had John Deere tractors as a theme. She is hand quilting the hanging. Next will be hot pads to match.
This last photo is kinda what I had in mind for a beginner. This will end up being a large lap quilt.
All and all I am glad that I consented to being a co-teacher of these quilt making beginners. The class members are all senior citizens, some only 55 to 60 years old while one is 85 years old. I felt right at home. Each and every one will have a completed quilt project when the class is over. And each will be proud of the work that they have done. I will however, try to recruit some males for the next go-around.


tisme said...

Tom, I have one of those old relic sewing machines and paid over 200. for it last year. Those machines are a great work horse and I love mine!! Tell her she has a great machine!

Tom H said...

I gave my daughter one of those ol' things. She loves it. And so did I. I was kind of amazed that someone actually donated the Featherweight to the Senior Center. And from what I understand about the value of those machine well over the $200 was still a good deal.

Kaaren said...

I treasure my Mom's Featherweight. Have a look at what they go for on Ebay. I hope that one at the senior's center doesn't 'go missing'.

Lisa said...

Wish I had one of those old relics to use. I actually have a small machine like the feather weight just not a singer.. Also have one of the first electric Singers in the wooden case.