Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mini Carvings!

I like to play around and carve/whittle small things. Some times I accumulate way too many of them. Just what does one do with a one inch tall Santa head anyway? Add to that, a whole bunch of other small carvings, and you may have a problem. I drill a hole down through the small carvings. Then I can "thread" the carvings on a bamboo skewer. Add a square base to hold the whole thing upright. Now you have a way to display the little things. The skewer is 12 inches long, and I was able to thread 10 of the carvings on it. Just have to add some eyes to some of the carvings and I'm done.

I know this was posted earlier, but there really are some new parts to it....


Kaaren said...

Tom, you've come up with a new twist on the traditional totem pole. Love the Uncle Sam!

Anonymous said...

Love the Santas. My Santa collection started because of one about half an inch tall!
Judy B