Monday, May 11, 2009

Gnomes Get A Surprise

A quick walk-by the Gnome door yesterday revealed some visitors. It seems the flower girls have taken over one of moms planters and made a nest in it. Into the nest they placed these yard art birds. I asked the girls, "what in the world are these things"? Dahlia assumed the attitude posture and stated, "they're goo-goo birds". What she really meant to say was, "you big dummy, don't you know anything, they're Goo-Goo birds". Anyway Zinnia, came to my rescue and said that they thought that Gnomey might like to see the Goo-Goo birds so they put them in front of the Gnome door.
This is the note that Gnomey left for the flower girls today.


Holee said...

Gee, I'm learning a lot through these goo birds..I've seen them and just didn't know!

They seem to want to keep Gnomey interested by adding the birds.

Tom H said...

I think you're correct! They do keep on doing things to keep me thinking that they do believe - or want to believe.