Friday, May 22, 2009

Yard Art vs Gnomes

Discovered yet another Toad House in the flower girls yard. Also, observed (actually I heard it) a rather cute incident with Dahlia (4 year old ). Evidently Dahlia doesn't want to wait on her mom or her sister to write a note to the Gnomes. She just gets down on the ground, knocks on the Gnomes door and shouts at them. In response to Gnomey's message about the "Toad House", Dahlia knocked on the door and shouted "it's not a Toad house it's a TOAD TENT, and I painted it"!

I also found several other objects of interest in the yard, near the Gnomes door.

These are sure to result in a reaction from the Gnomes.

1 comment:

Kaaren said...

These gals just melt my heart.

Even though she can't write yet, Dahlia certainly knows how to deliver her message, doesn't she?