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Friday, May 15, 2009

Zinnia's Birthday Present from Gnomey

Zinnia's 7th birthday is today. There will be about 13 kids running loose at her birthday party. Gnomey got lucky and found some of the Little (and I mean little) Golden Books. A perfect present from a Gnome to a little girl.

However, I do have to report a serious setback in the adventures of Zinnia and Gnomey. You may remember that Zinnia made a scrapbook of all the messages that Gnomey wrote to her. She included Gnomey's family photo, the gnomes tooth, and everything else she collected. Zinnia took the scrapbook to school (1st grade) for show and tell. I guess the other kids don't believe, and some I am sure made fun of her. Don't know if the Gnome bubble has been burst, or just wounded. I feel bad for Zinnia. I am thinking of my next moves.


Holee said...

You'll have to turn the story around on the nasty kids in school.

Somehow you'll have to tell the girls that Gnomey's relatives in another palce don't believe he has a "regular" family that are not Gnomes, so he told them just because they can't see air doesn't mean it isn't there,or something like this.

Kaaren said...

This is similar to children who believe in Santa Claus. They want so desperately to believe but are taunted by their peers who don't believe and who make the believers afraid to believe or admit their belief.

Maybe the girls will still believe between themselves and if they are now reluctant to share their story with others, so be it. Perhaps the best thing would be to just continue as if nothing happened.

Kids can be so cruel.

Bunny said...

Yes I think Kaaren is right just carry on the story. You can always tell them what I told my daughter when they made fun of her about believing in Santa. Told her the spirit of Santa will live forever. Love the little book.