Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th Of July!

Just returned from Chesterland, Ohio where I watched the local Independence Day parade. Unfortunately did not take my camera. More than once a tear came to my eye. The parade was BIG and LONG, and had a bit of everything, including a fly over by a WWII P51 Mustang. Did I say fly over? I should have said "buzzed". The fighter flew over the parade at just a bit over tree top levels. High school band, Senior Citizen band (not marching, but sitting on flat bed trailer), cow bell band, and various smaller bands on flat bed trucks. Flags, flags, and more flags. There was a large contingent of horse folks all all ages, followed by the official "pooper scoopers". The only mess up that I could see, involved all the politicians with their floats. There should have been "pooper scoopers" following them - lots of "pooper scoopers".

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diy said...

The quantity left in their wake would mean the use earth moving equipement big, big shovels ..