Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sundays Fun!

Neighboring town had a street antique, craft, and collectibles "flea market" today. It's always a fun place to look, and sometimes buy. But today it was just me, a bench, cup of coffee, my pocket knife, and a piece of 1/4x1/4 inch length of basswood.
Earlier, at sun rise found me at another close by town. This occasion was the weekly flea market at the fair grounds. Was able to "snag" these fat quarter bundles for $2.00 each bundle. The top bundle is all hunting and fishing fabric (8 FQ). The middle is all Mickey Mouse fabric (4 FQ). The bottom bundle is just pretty fabric (4 FQ). All of this for $6.00.
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Marcia said...

Good finds there Tom! Being from the land of 10,000 + lakes.. the fishing themed material has my vote! LOL

Wouldnt it be a fun big project to do a silhouette of your state on a quilt and inside are all blocks of animals,flowers, and things found in your state?


Dave Brock said...

Sounds like a very nice morning you had. I like your carving knife as much as the carving!

Tom H said...

Dave, Thanks! 30 carving knives and still counting, but always go back to the Oar Carver. This is the knife that could not carve until Rick at Little Shavers reshaped the blade. I'd be lost without it.