Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Santa's to Send North!

Since I am a person who must be doing somethin or makin somethin all the time, I whittle. I usually end up with a box of these little whittlins in no time flat. Most of these Santa;s are about 2 inches high. As soon as I get 40 to 50 of them I send them off to Ontario. In Ontario is a wonderful quilter who happens to be a retired decorative artist. You should visit her Blog

Kaaren, paints these whittlins and peddles them, with the revenue generated going to a very worthwhile project of her guild. In this manner, my time is rewarded by knowing the whittlins are going for a good cause.


Tina said...

You guys have a great thing going on!

Dave Brock said...

That's a fine looking bunch of old jollies you have there Tom! Glad they're going to a good cause too and you just get better and better at carving the more you do. Great project.