Friday, July 31, 2009

Gnomey & The Flower Girls - Update!

When last visited, the Flower girls got a message from Gnomey saying that he was going to "stow away" in their camper when they went on their vacation. In Gnomey's message he stated that they must keep it a secret, and not to tell anyone. Well the message was gone from Gnomey's mailbox, so the girls got it. Normally they come running over to show me any messages. This time, all quiet! As a matter of fact, an hour before they pulled out of the driveway, I was at their house. The girls were about to bust! You know what I mean. I know they wanted to tell me, but they didn't. Now there mom was in on this from the beginning, so I asked her if they had said anything to her about Gnomey stowing away. She laughed and said, "not a word". You don't suppose they still believe.

I think they want to. The adventure continues.


Kaaren said...

Sure they want to believe.

Heck, I want to believe!

Marcia said...

I do too!! So much so I've been making gnome furniture and accessories for two days now. I'm hoping my efforts will bring in a family of gnomes to my place too!

I sure hope Gnomey doesn't get left at a stop along the way..