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Monday, July 20, 2009

Gnomey's Return

The flower girls have been hangin close to home. So it limits the chances for me to keep the communications between Gnomey and them going. Plus, I think Gnomey is in competition with television shows, DVDs, etc. But this morning both flower girls are at "Farm Camp". I asked them last night what was farm camp. Their answers were amazing. One said, "We get to pretend we are living and working on a farm". That was Zinnia, the older one. Dahlia responded, "it's not pretend"! To that I asked them if they had to clean stalls. They said, "What's that"? I said, "Maybe you'll find out today"......

Don't forget the Christmas Giveaway! Leave a comment, leave a suggestion. They'll be a complete write up later this week.


Tracy said...

Ooooh cool!

Holee said...

I'll second that, the photo is Cool!

By the way Tom, you won the tape dispensor and all the goodies!

You'll be getting a package from me and the dispensor will come directly from All Modern.

Tom H said...

Hey Holee! I won something! That's great. Thank you...Thank you! Thank you. And it's some nice stuff too.