Thursday, July 30, 2009

Christmas Giveaway Suggestions - So Far!

For my Christmas giveaway, the following ideas and suggestions have been posted in comments, so far. I will select the project to complete and draw a name of the winner. There is still plenty of time to comment and leave your suggestions/idea.

Clothes line with small quilt, and Santa and Gnome standing by it.

Feather tree with mini carved Santa's on it and a quilted tree skirt.

Carved Santa with a quilted toy bag.

Mini quilt framed with Gnomes carved into the frame.

Mini quilt (tree) wall hanging with carved Santa's on it.

Quilted Advent calendar, with carved items in the pockets.

Carved wood quilt, framed.

Little bed with mini quilt on it.

Santa with a quilted coat carved, surrounded by carved Gnome children.

Carved wizard with quilted robe.

A carved Gnome bust with a quilted Gnome hat.

Shadow box, with quilt back.

Gnomey sitting on mushroom with a quilted top, maybe painting the quilt.


Kaaren said...

I'll take one of each, please. (wink)

Holee said...

you forgot mine..shadow box, the back being a quilt. Gnomey sitting on the shelf part on a mushroom with a quilted top..maybe painting the quilt.

Tom H said...

Holee, How the heck did I lose yours Holee! I didn't write it down in the book, that's how! Can I play the "old card"?

Tracy said...

My favorite is the wood frame with carved gnomes or santas on it with a mini quilt in the frame