Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gnomey Stows Away!

The flower girls are about to embark on their summer vacation to Michigan. The girls along with mom and dad travel in a nice pickup and slide in camper. Gnomey has already told them that he is from Michigan, and has family there. And being a crafty ol' Gnome, and maybe homesick, he would naturally want to travel with the girls to Michigan. But as you can see, he'll have to stow away.

For his trip, Gnomey has also made himself a leather knapsack. The note will be placed in Gnomey's message/mail box, and the knapsack will be placed outside his door. I suppose I'd better check with mom and dad first, or the girls might tear up the camper trying to find Gnomey.

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Holee said...

This might be a good time for mom to have one of the mini books and a note to leave on the table in the camper one night for the girls to find.

Wouldn't they be surprised to get a bedtime story from Gnomey while on vacation!

Tom H said...

Great idea Holee! I just put 2 of those little tiny Golden books in a bag with a note from Gnomey. Gave them to the mom and she'll leave them in the camper for the girls to find. Thanks!

Marcia said...

I just gotta know Tom, what does a Gnome pack up in a knapsack for a trip? An extra red cap? A small bottle of coke? Toothpaste? LOL oh what fun it would be to fill that knapsack for Gnomey..


Tom H said...

Marcia, I put his "jammies" and slippers in it.