Friday, July 10, 2009

Gnome Activity!

No messages from Gnomey, nor from the flower girls to Gnomey. But the girls are thinking. Several recent changes to the Gnomes front yard. Rearrangement of the patio stones (real marble), deck foundation painted, and the stains on the top of the table.

Patio stones: Girls just said it looked better this way!
Deck foundation painted: Actually the whole house was painted. And mainly spray painted. I am told the girls actually told the painters not to get any paint on "their" Gnomes house.
Stains on the table: I asked the girls if they did this. They said "NO! not us". "Gnomey must have done it". I said, "What do you suppose Gnomey did to cause the stains"? This is where it gets fun! Zinnia said, "Gnomey's eating berries on the table", Dahlia says, "he's painting". Zinnia said, "If he's painting, maybe he's painting me a picture".

Looks like the adventure may continue, even up against summer vacations, day camp, other activities of 4 and 7 year olds.

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Kaaren said...

Better get busy and paint a Gnomey picture for the girls, Tom...a tiny gnome-sized one at that.