Monday, July 27, 2009

Winnings From Holee (Bea's Hive)

It was Christmas at my place today! Well, as far as the mail went. A week or so ago I was notified that I had won a Giveaway that was featured on a friends blog. My number was 13, so I was amazed that it was the number drawn by the random number drawing gizmo. The first photo is of a super modern tape dispenser, from "ALL MODERN". This is a heavy stainless steel beauty, that won't move all over the desk when you are trying to get a piece of tape with one hand. This is great!

The rest of the giveaway is quilting and gift giving related. The fabric is all wool. Three bundles of squares, and a large piece or dark blue wool. There's gift bags, cards, and ribbons too. Check out Holees blog,
for a better description of these wonderful gifts. Check out the rest of Holee's blog too. I know you'll be impressed with this lady. Not only is she an extremely talented quilter, but a wonderful giving person, who shares her talents in so many ways. Thank you Holee.

Don't forget to go back a few postings and sign up for this blogs Christmas Giveaway.


Holee said...

Old age...I sent you an email without checking out your blog first! Glad they sent off the tape thing so quickly! They have it listed for $60 bucks so it better be a nice one.

I don't see the purse pattern in the picture..don't tell me I forgot to put it in??

Tom H said...

Pattern is under the blue wool piece. Thanks Holee.