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Monday, November 17, 2008

Assault on California

E Gads you would think that we were planning on invading another country. The lists of things to assemble and pack. I've tried to explain to my wife that all we need to do is throw some clothes in the bag, and box up the stuff we want to take to daughters family and hit the road. Nope, that's not the way it's getting done....or in this case maybe not getting done. In addition to the suitcase with our clothes (wait a minute! there's two suitcases with our clothes - one for the trip out and one for when we get there) there are other bags and boxes. There's the mail bag, the book bag, the snacks for in the car bag, snacks for in the motel bag, the carving bag, bags of quilt tops to be quilted in California, and never forget the cosmetics bag. Boxes of Christmas presents, books, stuff daughter purchased when she was home last summer, SINGER FEATHERWEIGHT Machine, even stuff daughter left here when she was in HS......etc. etc..

Oh well, we'll make up the lost time on the road....won't stop as much....!
Now I'm off to purchase Adult Depends........


Holee said...

I was wondering how you were getting away with sitting in a diner carving football guys when there was a major trip in the making! LOL Looks like it's about to all drop right in front of you..every suit case and bag in the house, maybe in the town! LOL Love it! You wife must have heard my favorite saying..never let them see ya coming!

tisme said...

lol, Have a great trip and be safe!

quilterpolly said...

You should be prepared:) She is just making sure you have everything...that is good:) have a good trip:)

Sherry said...

You and my husband should get together. I am a 'bag' lady too! When I hand him one and he asks what to do with it...foolish man! Put it in the car!!

Stay safe!