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Friday, November 14, 2008

Pots and Pans!

You are probably wonderin what the heck do "pots and pans" have to do with quilting or carving. Nothing. But I have already confessed that I like to keep old things.
A friend of mine had the task of cleanin out an old storage building on some property that his dad had acquired. When cleaning out this building he found about one dozen big egg crates filled with these kinds of pot and pans.

I guess they would more properly be called enamelware and/or graniteware. He was planni on on takin them to the dump, when I intervened. These photos are just a small sample of what was in the egg crates. There were wash basins of all sizes, pie pans, double boilers, skillets, skimmers. ladles, cups, lids, tea kettles, coffee pots, and all sizes of cooking pots. They are all in my garage now. I must have lost my mind.


Holee said...

They are absolutely wonderful! Now if you let him go to the dump with them, then I would have worried about your mind!

I have a wonderful old heavy wooden pulley that I hang a pot like the green one on with a flower in it every summer. Now that I live in the "city" I might have to chain it to the railing. People around here pay good money for pots like those. I don't want to find mine's gone missing one morning.

lani said...

MEMEMEMEMEMEME that is all I would have said Good Lord there beautiful...I have some smaller ones that are so special to me...Wow great find and remember the ole' sayin one mans treasure.... Love it

Not Lucy said...

I would have done the same thing - No, I don't need them but you can't let them get away either!

TamRock said...

I am so sentimental, I keep everything... dreaming of the life things may have had. It was so wonderful of you to give them a reprieve from ye'old dump.

*shudders* scary dump monsters would have laid waste to these little gems

here are ((((hugs)))) from a fellow packrat (that IS a term of endearment!!)