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Monday, November 10, 2008


I guess that every now and then there just isn't too much really interesting stuff goin on. But there is always something goin on. I thought I would kinda provide an update on some past posts, and maybe add a wee bit of new. Just some listings of things.

1. I'll be doin some repair work on the little gnome door I installed on the neighbors house. It seems that the 4 year old tried to get into the house to see the gnomes. Remember, she said she could hear them in there. She used a hammer on the door. Not too much damage, but I'll have to wait until they are gone and sneak over and make the necessary repairs. Maybe she'll think the gnomes fixed it.
2. There was a little bit of snow on the cold surfaces this morning..Probably go down as the first snow of the season around here.
3. Only 8 more days until we leave for California. It usually takes 4 days of driving to get there. But this year we'll add one more day in case of snow, and one more day because of older age.
4. I promised my swap partner (Mini Quilt In A Bag) that I would assemble the fabrics and mail by Wednesday of this week. I'll be going with the red white and blue look. Mostly red. I'll post a photo of what I am sending.
5. I purchased a new carving knife at the Dayton Carving Show. I bought a Dave Lyons detail knife. The blade of this knife is similiar to the profile that Donald Mertz recommends for carving the very small things. BY the way, Don Mertz is a well known, and very talented carver.
6. I finished the third book shelf of a three book shelf set for a local shop. Now must distress and antique them.
7. Started the second jewerly case/cabinet for the same shop.


Not Lucy said...

You have been very busy! I haven't and need to get busy so I have something to post!

Holee said...

If I knew you were going I would have got ya to buy me a glove. But, I'm sure I can get one on line and will do that before I use this tonsilectomy knife! Take a photo of the new knife so I can see what it looks like.

How lucky, getting out of the cold and snow! The poor Gnome house! Now you have to stand one next to the house with a bandaid on so she doesn't try to open it again!