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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why I am Glad Todays nearly Over!

Election Day means voting. Voting where I live means going up the road a few miles to a church and - well voting. At least for the last 36 years that's what it meant. Well sometimes the ladies running the voting place had cookies and coffee that we voters could sample. Probably illegal today. Voting was not the same today. Polls open at 6:30 AM, I was there at 6:40 AM, and was number 57. 37 years ago I don't think there were 57 registered voters in our area. Overheard one of the older ladies say "we're not in Kansas anymore". One hour and twenty minutes later I got to vote. Wow was I glad this was over.

Went home to make some cabinets and maybe if not too tired, do some carving. Worked on the cabinets for 3 hours and went to carve a bit. Where I carve is next to my computer and the telephone. Was putting some finishing touches on a Santa ornament when the telephone rang. I must have been really into the carving, because the ringing telephone startled me to the point where I must have jumped or flinched. The next thing I knew I had the point of a V tool stuck in the palm of my hand. I pulled it out and noticed the lack of blood. Oh! I am gettin ahead of myself. It was John McCain on the phone. Another damn political telephone call. I thought we were through with this stuff. My wife yelled whos on the phone? I said, "John McCain, but I cut myself, and I'm not bleeding". To that she said, "you're probably out of blood". I muttered, "yeah, the blood suckin politicians got it all, and now they want more". I am really tired of all this political and election stuff. But I voted today. I did my part. Now that it's over, I can relax and watch TV tonight.


Holee said...

While son & I were in line waiting to vote, I was telling him how it used to be. Both Parties just about killed you right up to the voting booth..not now, it's illegal.

There are only a handful of people who live here, but the new electronic machines seem to have thrown everyone..most do not have computers and most are over 70 yrs. old and some were actually scared to touch the screen. What both parties need to do for western Pa. is get everyone on line. Most towns here didn't have internet until 2 yrs. ago.

The ladies did have wonderful baked goods, but they were charging $2. bucks a shot. No one seemed to be interested and that's good. Considering how upset they were, it could have gotten bad!

Diana said...

Ha... I don't mean to laugh at your injury, but your wife sounds like me.

And the blood sucking polititian comment was priceless!

Not Lucy said...

I am so glad it is all over! Luckily we didn't get a lot of phone calls but the commercials and campaign mail were more than enough!

Abbie said...

there is an error on the pairings. my name has my email address,but my website it listed next to someone else--Rebecca's name. Just wanted to let you know.

Soukies said...

Oh how awful! I hope it was not too deep. I like your wife's sense of humor, it did make me lol. I am glad the election is over too.