Sunday, November 30, 2008

Packing Up For The Drive Home

After one quick week visiting daughter in southern California, we're packing up for the the drive back to Ohio. The packing will include the following:

1. Ulmer Quilt Frame. Daughter loaning it to me since she has a longarm quilting machine for any larger quilting projects.
2. Three bags a clothes that grand daughter has outgrown. Hopefully will fit another grand daughter back in Ohio.
3. Christmas presents that were purchased in California.
4. More fabric that was purchased in California.
6. Lots of ribbon that was purchased in an fabric and trim remnant store.
7. Lots of chocolate.

We don't have too much room this trip. We drove the Toyota Rav 4 because it gets better mileage than the van. While at daughters house I was able to do the following:

1. Make some adjustments to her long arm quilting machine to reduce thread shredding.
2. Go through several adjustments to the long arm quilting machine to begin to understand how to properly adjust the upper and lower thread tension.
3. Learn to properly load the quilting machine with the quilt top, batting, and backing.
4. Quilt one large quilt top on the machine.
5. Re-write the instructions on adjusting and loading the long arm quilter in simple easy to follow language, supported by step-by-step drawings.
6. Carve several Christmas tree ornaments
7. Nearly complete my "Quilt In A Bag" doll quilt for the swap.
8. Pick up some new fabric.
9. Buy some Christmas presents for folks back home.
10. Have fun with daughter, son in law, and grand daughter.
11. Meet and have lots of fun with Cooper their one year old Picardy Shepard 62 (Winn Dixie dog)


Holee said...

Drive out for drivers with hats on, especially if they have a NJ lic. plate!

Tom H said...

Thanks Holee. When I get home I'll put something together for you in the area of carving...And for the record, your comment about me appearing to be stressed...very correct observation....But I think I beat that machine into submission..

Kelly said...

You're almost done with the quilt in a bag? And here I was proud of myself for having narrowed down my plans. Hmm. Unfortunately, I have a twin bed-sized quilt to get done before I get to that mini one, since my nephew will be 2 in... 11 days, and its his birthday present. The mini quilt will have to wait.

Sounds like you had an excellent trip!

Holee said...

Tom, just letting you know: I ordered from Smokey Mountain Carver's, 2 gloves, a thumb guard, beginners book and a knife.

After reading Will's lessons I decided not to try and carve with the sharp knife until I had the gloves and guard.

You be careful out there on the road..your heading home to winter snow!

Anonymous said...

wowee, you sure got a lot done for being on vacation!

elsie123 said...

So much for vacations being time to relax! But then, if you're doing something you want to do, that's relaxation. Sounds like you've had a great time, be careful on the way home.

TamRock said...

I hope your drive is going/went smoothly!!!

Holee said...

By now you are either home and exhausted or almost home and cold after all that Calif. sunshine!

Either way..WELCOME HOME!

everythingquilts said...

Sounds like there was never a dull moment, only great memories. Wow, you really moving right along on the mini quilt, I'm just getting started good, and you're nearly finished. Hoping to hear you made it home safely.