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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Last Entry For Three Weeks

The SUV is gassed up with $1.79 gallon gas, it's loaded, and we are planning on leaving for California at the "crack of dawn" tomorrow. "Crack of dawn" is wife speak for 10:45 am. Unless I can figure out how to add postings from daughters computer in California this will be it until sometime in the first week of December. But if this trip is anything like the other trips there will be a lot of things to fill you all in on. We do keep a daily journal, so I am on the look out for interesting stuff. I'll have my camera, and will get some photos too.


In the continuing saga of the Gnomes and the Gnome Door that I installed next door there has been another development. Dahlia's mom reported that Dallie was painting a ceramic "toad house" in a craft session. She exclaimed that it was going to be a Gnome house instead of a toad house. Her mom noticing her painting the inside of the toad house told her she didn't have to paint the inside, cause no one would see it. To that Dahlia said, "the Gnomes will". You know, she believes! Aw, how wonderful the unspoiled mind of a child can be.


everythingquilts said...

Tom, I wish you and your wife well on your trip. I stopped by to let you know I haven't forgot you, I just got over being sick and have finally got caught up. I was planning on putting something in the mail to you tomorrow, but I may wait another week before mailing since you will be out of town, Take care and be safe.

Holee said...

Have a safe trip Tom! I hope you can post from Tracy's puter. We sure will miss ya! Have a great Turkey Day too!

We want a picture of you quilting on the longarm!(lucky you)

I must still have some child in me. I'd have to look inside the house, so I'd see the paint too!

quilterpolly said...

have a safe trip:) You should have great weather here in cali:) We haven't hit fall yet. It is still summer here...Hope you bring some shorts:)

Shelley said...

The 'wife speak' comment made me laugh! Fortunately for my hubby, I don't have that definition for the crack of dawn....
Have a great time with Tracy. I've enjoyed following both blogs and getting to know all of you. I love the 'magic' of the gnome house...such precious memories for those've touched their lives...what a special feeling.