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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Revenge Of The Trees

Here it is, the first day of November. And a Saturday too. The weather is supposed to be partly sunny with the temperatures in the high 60s. We had our usual 7 Halloween trick or treaters last night, and that means we have a bowl full of candy bars to tempt me. BG meter says NO WAY! Was going to cut some fabric and begin to try some new (for me) quilt blocks. Plans changed when I looked at the yard, and discovered that the trees have it in for me. Can trees think? Do they have ways of communicating among themselves? Do they hold grudges? Can they remember times that I did not take real good care of them? I say they must - to all of the above. I have lots of trees. Most are the same species. They all had the same amount of rain and sun. You would think that they would shed their leaves all about the same time. But noooooo! The buggers are on a schedule. They are taking turns. They have conspired to keep me raking, blowing, and cursing them on nearly a daily basis. I am not making this up! These photos were all taken this morning, and are of trees in my yard.


Not Lucy said...

I feel for you! This year our trees are losing their leaves late. I think because of our funky spring weather things got a late start. So it has started raining which makes it difficult to get the leaves raked, blown, etc.

Tracy said...

Don't watch the movie "The Happening" in which the trees DO have it in for the people! :)

Tina said...

I guess I should be grateful that my yard is so small that I don't really have to worry about my small trees giving me any work to do!

Holee said...

I guess I am lucky. We live in the Pa. wilds where they don't want you to touch the leaves. If it's natural to the enviroment, then it stays where it is!

Of course it has it's draw backs too. In the spring it's a good place for the rattle snakes to hide.