Friday, October 31, 2008

Carved Quilt Squares

Time to ease back into some quilting stuff. These are little refrigerator magnets. My grand daughter carved these when she was eleven years old. These were her very first carvings. The penny in the photo shows the size of the squares. This type of carving is called relief carving. The carved "grooves" are done with a small "V" shaped gouge. The incised lines that the "V" tool makes also serve as a "stop" between the painted colors, to prevent them from "bleeding" into the next color.

People often ask when is a kid old enough to begin to carve wood. Generally, ten to twelve seems to be a good age to begin well supervised carving.


Not Lucy said...

These are just adorable - would be something to add to your etsy shop once you get that up and running. :-)

Holee said...

If 10 is a good age to start, would 63 be too old?

I just want to carve a face. It wouldn't have to have a body or hat, just one face and I would be happy..and still have all my fingers.

The quilt block carvings remind me of when I learned to lay cement. Sort of the same kind of tool that you run between blocks.

Did you know I owned a construction company in the past. If I still owned it I could call my blog: Framing & Quilting or Paving &

Tom H said...

Bea, I started wood carving when I was 65.....and we have 4 ladies in our little carving group that all are over 63. And all have only started in the past few years. And all are doing just fine.

Holee said...

I think Santa needs to bring me some tools!