Thursday, October 16, 2008

Men and Sewing!

In my last post, some of the comments illustrate the realities of men who sew and cook. I guess this shows that we still live by preconceived notions of gender roles and sterotypes. And as a male, I can now begin to understand what females have had to contend with down through the years. I don't mean to make light of this, but when it happens to me, I cannot help but laugh.

I do quilt, and the females in my family do sew (well all but one). Therefore, I not only, know how to do lots of things in the needlecraft world, but I also am exposed to lots of things in this area. It is just so much fun to drop some of the sewing and needlecraft words when at the fabric store; and catch the reaction of the clerks. Words such as DUPIONI and BATISTE, cause all kinds of interesting reactions to a male uttering such words. My favorite is ENTREDEUX. But my wife explains to me that the funny looks I get are probably because the clerk has no idea what I am talking about.

There is one word from the area of heirloom sewing, that I am really hesitant to drop in the fabric shop. No! I take that back; I will not utter. That word is FAGGOTING.

For those who are not familar with heirloom or fancy sewing...........
CHECK the comments for what DUPIONI, BATISTE, ENTREDEUX, and FAGGOTING is.


Tracy said...


Deb's Posts said...

LOL Tom, you lost me with those words LOL!

Tom H said...

Entredeux: Decorative chain/ladder stitching between 2 pieces of fabric.

Dupioni: Rougher silk fabric, woven of 2 different silk threads.

Batiste: Soft, light weight opaque fabric.

Faggoting: Open decorative fabric where thread is drawn in criss cross stitches across an open seam.

Tom H said...

Deb, You'd have to be into heirloom sewing to run into those words.....My wife is, and subscribes to magazines. I'll read anything....

Holee said...

I am know dupioni because I crazy quilt and have used it for it's texture and eye appeal.

Batiste is a fabric I know through my Lancaster Pa. Amish friends who use it for making their prayer caps.

I've read faggoting but couldn't remember what it was and Entredeux I've never heard of.

I guess I'm not as surprised as some when men use female words. I raised 4 boys alone and they had to learn to cook and sew among other household jobs.

Recently my son helped me repair a quilt. We bent over my pinning frame for 60 hours together ripping stitches. I think he can quilt, just doesn't want to admit it!