Monday, October 6, 2008

Sudden Death of WHITE JEANS MACHINE Sewing Machine

Several weeks ago I was using my WHITE Jeans Machine (sewing machine for any carvers reading) to assemble some mini log cabin squares for a swap that daughter Tracy is running. All of a sudden the machine made a loud crunching sound and stopped dead in its tracks. Nothing would move. Completely locked up. Being who I am, I said to myself, "self! you can fix this". The next day I took my little machine to town, to the repairman, and explained what had happened. One day later the repairman called and said, "I have some good news and some bad news". I said, "OK, lets have the good news first". To that he said, " Now you have a good excuse to buy a new machine". Guess I didn't need to hear the bad news. The repairman explained it would not be worth the money to repair my little machine. I replied, well I do have an old Singer 1938 Model 201 that I suppose I can use until I make up my mind what to do. To that, the repairman stated, "If you have an old Singer 201, what in the world were you using this machine for"? " The 201 is probably the best sewing machine Singer ever made, and I should know. I worked for Singer for 30 years".

I cleaned up ol 201, and began using it immediately. I'll be using this fine ol Singer to make my Doll Quilt for the swap. (The photo at the top is of the Singer 201. Sorry it's not at the bottom, where it should be. Hey! I'm still learning!)


Bronwyn said...

wow - what a beauty! Why can't they make them like that now? I love the idea of a doll quilt made on an antique machine - a lot of history could be sewn into it.

lej619 said...

sorry to hear about the death.
it is a sad day indeed

Lynn said...

What a lovely machine. It is funny how old sewing machines seem to accumulate, isn't it? I know you will have fun with the "new" old machine.

susan said...

oh its so pretty!!
uh, dur, i just realized you are my tracey's dad!!! hehe silly me
love your story. i am in the log cabins swap with you