Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quilting vs Woodworking

I am a quilter! A simple statement. A statement, that when uttered by a female, receives no startled looks or hardly any response at all; other than "oh so am I, or so is my sister". But when I am at a fabric store with my daughter or my wife, I might as well be invisible. The clerks will always approach my wife or daughter and ask if they need help. My wife will reply, "nope! he's the quilter". I don't think the clerks believe her. I know they don't believe me when I tell them, "I am a quilter". But I got to thinking one day, of all the similarities between Quilting and Woodworking. You see I consider myself a woodworker too.

Since several readers of this blog have mentionned that they would like their husbands to maybe get involved in quilting, I thought I would try to offer some reasons for them to give it a try. Although two fabric fiends under the same roof may proof to be too much.

I will from time to time add to a list that will be created. The list will detail the similarities between Woodworking and Quilting. I would also hope that some readers might add their thoughts and additional similarities in comments. I will add the appropriate comments to the "master list" here.


1. Think of the sewing machine as a table saw, when needing to sew a straight line.
(Think of the 1/4 inch seam guide as a fence on the table saw).
2. Think of a sewing machine as a scroll saw.
(You don't have to sew straight lines, they can be circular/curved too).
3. Quilting and Woodworking require precise measurement, for accuracy.
4. Both use a set of plans before starting to cut materials.
5. Both use mitered corners.
6. You choose both wood and favric for the same reason-Beauty (from "holee")
7. Both are about fitting geometry together (from "Pat")
8. Both involve mathematics (from "Pat")

9. Measure twice, cut once applies to both.
10. Both wood and fabric have a grain that one must pay attention to.
11. When assembling both fabric pieces and wood one should match the grain patterns.
There, this gets us started.......ADD some more in the comments....Thanks, maybe we'll get another husband, father, or brother to consider quilting.....


Soukies said...

My dh has been sewing since he was a child. His mom taught him how to mend things. I wish he would quilt with me, I am thinking maybe he would be better then I am because he is a very patient man! It certainly would be nice!


Holee said...

Sometimes you choose a piece of wood for it's beauty and sometimes you choose a fabric for the same reason.

I have a stash of old wood, just like I have a stash of fabric.

Pat said...

My wife and I recently started quilting together, and I'm completely hooked. I also happen to be a woodturner, so I can see all the similarities you mentioned. I'm also a mechanical engineer, and I just love how quilting is all about fitting geometry together. I actually love doing the math. :) And yes, the fabric store workers don't believe me and we're now known as the "husband and wife team" when we go for classes. All the other teachers come to look like it's a circus sideshow or something!

Bonnie said...

My dh get the same thing when we go into a kitchen store. He does all the cooking. One poor clerk couldn't figure out why I wasn't interested in a new stove. I finally told him not to ask me ask dh, he was the one that wanted it. LOL

Holee said...

I don't know where to put this, so I'll ask you here. I am getting ornaments together from all over the country to send to my local injured soldier in the hospital in Fl. Can I buy one of your cute Santa's?