Sunday, October 26, 2008

Old Folks and Their Houses

When you were young did your neighborhood have a few houses that were, shall we say, a wee bit "run down" looking? I don't mean, fallin down or, a total wreck. Just a house that the grass was always a week late in its cutting, leaves left on the ground a bit too long (maybe over winter), might need some paint, weeds instead of grass, trees and bushes all over grown, etc, etc. And when you were young did you tell your friends that yeah, "Ol Man Jones" lives there. And did your parents refer to the house and its occupants as " An elderly couple" lives there.

Well, now its happened. I am part of that elderly couple that lives there.

I would much rather do so many other things than mow, weed, rake, paint, trim, etc,etc. I'll bet ya that "Ol Man Jones" was the same way.

I think I'll go out the the shop, followed by going to my sewing machine, then to my wood carving.


Tracy said...

I certainly do not consider myself elderly,(what would that make YOU then?!)but my house is a disaster zone due to the fact that I would rather be quilting! It's all about what makes you happy!

Not Lucy said...

We had a couple of houses like that in our neighborhood. This summer I made myself paint our house (most of my blog readers probably tired of hearing about it) so that we might not have to paint again ever! We live in the country so no one notices if we don't mow, etc. but we enjoy doing it and looking out over the mown hills so we get it done - plus we have a riding lawn mower.

Holee said...

Today I told son that our house was the only one with leaves out front. He grumbled a little and then got out the power mower and ran it over the leaves..he called it good mulch. He hurried back to the garage to work on his antique bikes.

Dave is only 45 so I hope the kids in the neighborhood don't start calling this "old Dave's house"..I better tell him but I bet he'll only grumble again.