Sunday, October 12, 2008

DQS5 Finished (almost)

After looking at the full sized French Roses quilt that I made for my wife, I thought I would see if I could scale it down for a doll quilt for the DQS5. This is it! It measures 15 x 18 inches, is hand quilted, bound, and washed once. Since the rose petals need to fray a wee bit more I'll give it some additional washings.

I hope my swap partner likes this doll quilt as much as my wife likes her full sized one.


Tracy said...

Your daughter likes it.....and you had better make one for her! :)

TLC said...

Great idea to take a pattern you have done bigger and scale it down. Very pretty quilt! I am sure your partner will love it!

Holee said...

Since I collect dolls, I can tell you this one would be loved a lot!