Saturday, October 25, 2008

Chest of Santa's

Yesh, it's already Saturday evening, and I haven't had time to add a post. Been working on the case for a jewelry display counter. This is the first year that I planned well enough ahead to have a good supply of carved Santa ornaments and pins finished in plenty of time for the Holidays. But I'm still dealin with a "blivit" here. As I recall a "blivit" is something like 10 lbs. of potatoes to put into a 5 lb. bag. Oh well, on some level it must be fun and satisfying or I wouldn't do it.

Early on I set out to carve two Santa pins or ornaments, every day, with my breakfast coffee. It's the good thing that I "carve small", and don't make a big mess, because I eat breakfast out at a little diner. I give away most of these small pins and ornaments as I carve them, but manage to save a few for special packaging. Here's a hand full in a small wood "chest/trunk". You can see the size of these by comparing them to my pocket knife, that I carve them with.

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Holee said...

Those little fellows are just too cute! I can't believe they are created with just a pocket knife.

Once I tried to put a point on a stick to roast a marshmellow with grandson's boy scout knife. I ended up with 3 stitches in my thumb. Guess that says I should stick with fabric.

If I could do that kind of magic, I'd have them in fish bowls, vases, mason jars all over the house..just too cute!