Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Featherweight vs Husqvarna vs Singer 201

When my White Jeans Machine died I had the choice of using one of three other sewing machines at my disposal. Well actually four! My wife offered her Husqvarna Rose computerized sewing machine. I'll include my wifes machine in my choices for use, but I don't think she was serious. So, the choices were:
A. 1938 Singer model 201
B. Singer Featherweight
C. Singer model 15-91
D. Husqvarna Viking Rose
We already know that I choose the Singer model 201. Some may wonder why not the computerized Husqvarna Viking Rose, or the coveted Singer Featherweight. I tried out the Singer model 210 and liked it. I tried out my wifes Husqvarna Viking Rose (with her looking over my shoulder) and like it too - but. The Singer Featherweight was a dream to operate also, but was promised to daughter Tracy. The other old Singer was nearly the same as the 201, but had not been used for a number of years. So it's the Singer 201. All I did was replace the presser foot on it, with the one from the White. This way I still have the wider foot that has 1/4" margins on the sides that I was familar with. The 201 is a great machine. Nice quiet operation. Nice straight stitches. And will do 0 to 60 in 1.7 seconds.
Will deliver the Singer Featherweight to Tracy, on Thanksgiving....
The Photo (for my carving friends) is of the Singer Featherweight.


Katy said...

0-60 in 1.7 seconds! That's so funny!

Your carvings and quilting are wonderful - I wish I could convince my dad to have a go!

Sarah said...

nice machine. i love my feather weight - i need to use it more often!

susan said...

im jealous of all those machines in your house. i have a brother and i gave my old trusty singer to my daughter (but took it back as she was using it as a clothes horse!!!). i bought a gorgeous machine a few years back, strictly for the color....aqua!!!