Thursday, October 2, 2008

Quiltin and Carvin


This blog is a collabrative effort. That means more than one person may be adding copy and might be featured. Certainly more than one person will be involved until it gets off the ground. The two folks here are father and daughter. Me, I'm the father. My name is Tom, and my daughters name is Tracy. Tracy is a wife, mother, school teacher, and a quilter. Tracy is also very persuasive, in that she convinced me to start quilting. You know, that creative outlet thing that some of us has going. So I added quilting to woodworking and woodcarving, my other creative outlets Me; I'm retired, have been since 1990. I know, you're probably counting backwards about now. I'll help you all out - I am not that old. I retired when I was 51 years old. Well heck; I am old. I am always carving and usually have a quilt is some phase of progress. Whenever possible Tracy and I make a quilt together. This is really fun since she lives in southern California, and I in Ohio. Tip of the day - Invest in the UPS; as we have packages going back and forth all the time. I suppose that there is more about us in our profiles.


Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you Tom! Isn't it wonderful to have a daughter who is involved in your life and cares about what makes you happy. I know it must be difficult to live so far from her, as I live 650 miles from my 2 girls and my grandchildren. I miss the day to day companionship and long for the next visit.

I belong to the HGTV Quilting and Needlwork Forum and host a lot of swaps. The postal workers at my post office tell me I am their job

Why don't you come over to the HGTV forum for a visit...You might just love it there.. :-)

TamRock said...

Yay! A new blog to follow! I can't wait to "read" you (outside the gnoming world!)

Your Pals, Tam & her little wooden buddy Enzo