Monday, October 6, 2008

Easier Square Assembly

After tryin to manage and maintain the alignment of the pieces and parts of a quilt square while sewing them together; I decided I needed a larger flat surface at/on the machine. I knew that they had just the thing made of plexiglas for a Singer Featherweight machine. But I couldn't find one available for my White Jeans Machine. I set about making one myself. Simple job! I just sit the "stage" on the table, and "drop" the machine into the slot for it. Problem solved! And for just a few cents too. I really liked the way the machine and the homemade "stage" worked together. The large level and flat surface makes piecing much more managable and "yes" even easier. It was great while it lasted........That's another story! Or as in the case of the Blogger, another posting. Stay tuned...


susan said...

did you little table have anything to do with your jeans machine pooping out?
i like the table, clever you.
your block looks gorgeous

Tom H said...

No Susan, the little stage table had nothing to do with the crash of the machine. I suspect I had more to do with the actual breakage. Tried to sew though too much thickness. But heck, it was a jeans machine that is supposed to sew through lots of layers. Repairman said the plastic gear(s) are the weak link..