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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Carving in a Quilt Shop

I have been invited to participate in a Christmas Open House at the GOOD WIVES COMPANY, quilt and fabric shop in Marion, Ohio, on Novenber 7. For those not familar with the GOOD WIVES CO., they were featured in Better Homes and Gardens QUILT SAMPLER, as a top quilt shop.

The shop specializes in civil war reproduction fabrics and quilting kits of all kinds. I'll be carving Santa Christmas tree ornaments and pins. My Noahs Arks, the framed quilt squares that my daughter and I did, as well as the Santa ornaments and pins will be on sale.

This is a very interesting shop, one of my daughters favorites. Whenever my daughter visits we have to go there and load up. Carving in shops like this is a lot of fun. I quickly am surrounded by children and husbands. I like to think that I am providing a good diversion so the mothers and wives (and maybe a few fathers/husbands) can better enjoy their fabric looking and buying experience.


Holee said...

I just did a map quest thinking I might enjoy the day in Marion and only being an arms length from Ohio, but it's 197 miles, 4 hours away.

I would love to see the shop and would enjoy seeing you carve,darn, just too far.

Sounds like you are looking forward to the day and I know the shoppers will enjoy having you there.

Tom H said...

I'll try to get some photos of the shop and the stuff they have. If I get any good ones i'll post them.
Thanks for the visit and nice comments.

Soukies said...

Tom, I too wish I could see you carving your santas. I just received your gift in the mail and have to say the carved Santas are awesome! The detail is spectacular and so little, you must have a very steady hand. My dh loved the little clothes pin santa! They came at the perfect time, just after the wake of my dd's boyfriend :-( when I came home they were in my mailbox. It was a nice pick me up after a horrible day.

Thank you again for your kindness and have fun at the quilt shop!


Not Lucy said...

I too wish I could come to Ohio and browse through the fabric and watch you carving! I returned home from my quilt retreat last night and there was a box! And in that box was my little framed log cabin block and two of the cutest little Santas! Thank you again so much for pulling my name out of the hat!