Sunday, October 12, 2008

French Roses - Full Size Quilt

This is a full size quilt that I made for my wife. It is one of those top stitched quilts that fray when washed. It was very easy to make. Which was a good thing because I don't like to spend weeks on a project. And since I sometimes have lapses of accuracy; this is a very forgiving quilt to make.

In fact, I am supposed to teach a group of non sewing husbands how to make a quilt. I am seriously considering using this pattern for a lap quilt. I know these fellows can do it. And wouldn't their wives be impressed.


everythingquilts said...

Beautiful quilt. What a lucky wife to receive this for her DH. I think it's pretty cool to see more men quilting. I recently bought my DGS a machine, he's only 10 but has a great interest in arts and has always love to dabble in my sewing room. I told him sewing is not just for women anymore, it is a way to express your creativity, he really loves it. I can't wait to show him your quilts.

Not Lucy said...

I would be very impressed if my husband made a quilt. He keeps buying sewing machines but I can't seem to get him to use them!

Soukies said...

I want to come and learn quilting from you! This quilt is gorgeous!