Friday, October 3, 2008

One of first "Share" quilts with daughter

Tracy (daughter in California) decided to make a quilt for one of the Moda fabrics competitions. Her idea was to make doll dresses for the Hitty doll. Hitty is 6 1/2 inch carved wood doll. The doll dresses would be placed on hangers in the squares on a wall hanging quilt. In one of the squares there would be a detachable 6 1/2 ich fabric doll. Tracy's part of the quilt was to make the doll dresses and the doll. My part was to make and assemble the squares into the lattice, attach the wire hangers, hand quilt. Yes, you probably noticed that I did not mention binding. Since the binding was my responsibility, I paid to have it done, with the pledge that I would learn to do it myself.
This little interactive quilt may not have won the big prize, but it did win in the local shop where it was displayed, and did take first place in the only show it was entered.


Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Thanks for sharing, ol man - that's like me, getting ol and grey. God bless you.

Not Lucy said...

A very cute quilt and a great idea for a little girls room!