Saturday, October 4, 2008

Time for some woodworking

Well, since the title of this Blog is Quilting and Carving I had better start to slip in something about my woodworking and carving. I decided to investigate wood carving about four years ago. I have always worked with wood. Prior to wood carving my efforts in woodworking were in the area of cabinet making. I made lots of larger cabinets for folks and a few select shops. Some were commissioned pieces, while some were sold to the local shops for resale. But since I was a one man operation that meant that I had to talk my wife into helping me move and deliver cabinets. Well, as I got older, the cabinets either got heavier, or I got weaker. The cabinets just got to heavy to handle. But since I really like to work with wood I had to find something smaller to make. The photos, from the left show a custom black cabinet for a quilt and fabric shop, a white Shaker style blanket cabinet, and a computer cabinet.

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Marianne said...

You do beautiful work! Love all three.