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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jewelry Counter Done

Several days ago I mentioned that I had to build a jewelry counter for a local shop that I do some work for. I had three days to get this counter done. I had to explain that I was still an old feller, and did not work as fast as I used to. But in the end, I took the money. Well I also made the counter in three days. This was tough cause the case had to be sealed, and painted with two coats of black paint. The glass had to be cut and installed.....Got it done with two hours to spare.

The counter had to be completed and installed by tomorrow, cause the shop is beginning to carry the PANDORA charms and charm bracelets; and they are introducing the line with a "Trunk show".


elsie123 said...

You must be one of those people who work best under pressure! Looks great, and I know the customer had to be pleased.

Tom H said...

elsie, Work best under pressure! I used to try to convince myself that I did, but it's a lie. I don't think any us like to work under pressure......unless the rewards are great...Thanks for the nice comment..I better get some time to do some quilting...soon.

Heidi said...

Any reports on the neighbor girls and the door you installed on their house???

Not Lucy said...

Beautiful! You do wonderful work!

Tom H said...

heidi, No! It's really funny now. I told and showed their mom, and she has even left them clues. Now the door is at the ground level, and kinda small. The only thing I can think of is that the door is placed at the bottom of 3 steps from their deck, and they are too intent on the steps to look down. I guess I;ll have to give them some better clues..

Holee said...

Tom, this is just beautiful and you did it so fast!

I have a question about the swap so I'll ask it here.

There are 2 of us from HGTV site. We swap different there. We see on many blogs that it is usual to send a few gifts along to your partner when you return your project.

Is it also usual to send the host a gift? We always send an HGTV host a gift but in this case we won't have her address.