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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Travel Time! - Almost!

On Wednesday of this week I'll be leaving for California. Not flying, but driving. This will be our 12th or 14th trip where we have driven. I am not afraid to fly. It's just that it's so boring. There is little to see from an airplane. Speed is the only thing that is gained by flying. But when you are retired speed means little. It normally takes us 4 days to get to California . This trip we may allow one extra day for the weather, and one for old(er) age. It used to be that I would drive all night at least once each trip. In fact there are several advantages to driving all night. It's an excuse to eat candy bars all night to stay awake, there is less traffic, you save money on motel fees, and you get to your distination one day earlier. And the best of all - you arrive with an extra pair of clean underware.


Tina said...

you made me laugh!

Holee said...

My first trip to Calif was in 1957 in my dad's nash rambler. We drove on route 66. He was an all night driver too because he refused to hang water bags on his new car to cross the dessert. I think it was an excuse. He really just wanted to make use of the seat that turned into a bed.

I'm gonna miss your posts...have a safe trip and eat a candy bar for me!