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Sunday, November 23, 2008


There are a lot more semi trucks on the road than passenger vehicles. People really must have cut back on their driving. However, with more trucks on the road that means more inexperienced and younger truck drivers. And, I am sorry; these drivers are really crappy drivers. Very few "Knights of the Highway" professional drivers anymore. If the truck speed is posted at 65 mph, most drive 70 mph. The trucking industry must have cut a deal with the Highway Patrol/State Police. These truckers just "blow by" them without even slowing down.

On the trip back, I hope I can survive the inexperienced truck drivers, girls with cell phones, and old fart drivers like myself.

Stay tuned for an Edition of THE CURMUDGEON'S GUIDE TO ROADTRIPS.


everythingquilts said...

Tom, I'm so dlad that you made it sakely. As much as I love to travel< I always worry about traffic and of we'll actually make it.My daughter just moved back to Georgia last year, but before that we drove to KY. about every other month and Every night before we took off I would lay and worry would this be my last trip. I've seen many accidents along the way. Most pretty bad, and the truckers I stay out of their way because they will flat run over you.Now, that said I'm worried about your trip home. I will be praying that you and your wife arrive home safe and sound.

Sherry said...

I'm from a truck driving family. My dad and all three brothers drove trucks - one brother still does, the other two are still involved in the business, but no longer drive. Dad died in 2000 but drove a truck up to 4 months before his death.

My first husband was a bookkeeper when we married. Yep, turned truck driver. Thought I'd gotten away from that.

There was a time, that if a woman had car trouble, she wanted a truck driver to stop. Not any more. Even sometime before first husband died in 1996, he noticed a car with a woman and several kids on the side of the highway. He pulled over behind them and everyone ran back to the car and rolled up the windows. They had a flat. The woman rolled her window down 1/2 inch. She was visibly scared. My husband told her to stay in the car. He changed the tire. Then he told her to follow him, not to get off at the first exit because there weren't any services. When he turned his blinker on, she was to exit...he would not. When he told me about this, he said that it was sad that truckers had changed so much...