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Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Work and Play

Since we discovered that JO ANNS was closed on Thanksgiving Day, we had to postpone buying quilt batting until today. So my daughter and I walked to a Michaels at 7 am to purchase some batting. A 20 minute brisk walk there and 20 minute back. Good exercise. Used a 25% 0ff coupon. Ready now to set up long arm quilter to quilt a full sized quilt. Also spent some time yesterday working on my QUILT IN A BAG SWAP QUILT for my swap partner. I plan to finish up this swap quilt except for the binding, today.

Some continuing observations about southern California. I think I have discovered Arnolds plan for increasing the fitness levels of the citizens. Crossing 4 and 6 lane streets is absolutely impossible during the limited time the walk signal is on; unless one runs. I don't know what you would do if you walked and stopped on the median island in the center of these streets. The plan must be working for some, because I saw no one still stranded.

More later....

1 comment:

Holee said...

Have you tried the "freeways" yet?

If you think crossing a street on foot is hard..just wait!

My first experience was just getting on the freeway. At the entrance I came to a complete stop because there was NO WAY to nose into traffic. Finally a man knocked on my window. As I rolled it down he said, "Lady, it's says yield, not give up." I soon learned to look straight ahead and step on it.

Finish your quilt in the bag? Can't say I am anywhere near that point, of course you gave me a partner who sent 24+ scraps of different fabric's. This might take me right up to the dead line!

Enjoy the sun..we have had 5 days of snow :-(