Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ALTO'S Quilt Cut 2

When in California, my daughter give me her Alto Quilt Cut 2 system. She would rather just go back to the basics and use a mat, straight edge, and a rotary cutter. This system comes with a 41 page instruction manual and a DVD. Now, being a male I'll do anything to keep from having to read the manual. Watching a DVD is totally out of the question. Anything that is so complicated, that one must watch television to understand it, is just wrong.

So, I am asking if any reader has used this system for cutting quilt fabrics. If so, please leave me a comment and any tips on its use.

To show my appreciation, all comments received by Friday December 12th will be put into a hat and one pulled out; with the winner having won a hand carved Santa Tree Ornament.


Pat said...

Wow, never heard of it, but being a male I'm intrigeed by the novelty! I look forward to hearing more.

Holee said...

I think I have every gadget known to man because of my RA. This system is suppose to make it easier for anyone with strength problems. I didn't get it. You still have to hold down the ruler with some force. Grant it, the ruler does not slip.

For me it was just too much hand movement. Instead of one ruler, you are dealing with 2 rulers. Here is a one minute video from their on line site, but they really want you to "take lessons".


I just felt like instead of having the right tool for the job, I had too many tools for the job. :-)

Lisa said...

Gee I had to call my mom she has every quilting thing made but she didn't have it... She had like your daughter she rather cut with a rotary and mat (and that has only come to be for the pass few years cause she was scared of the rotary and was using sissors)
Maybe one day I'll get lucky and convince her to use that computer my hubby built her...


V said...

I just ordered mine this week, with the padded bag. I was scouring the web looking for additional info when I came across your blog. I believe this gadget is really great for new quilters (like myself) who are somewhat impatient and have yet to learn the old schol way of doing things. Or, prefers to do it with a new school approach. I can never seam to cut my fabric strips without acquring the dreaded "V" shape. I thought this tool might help me quickly cut out my strips etc. with more accuracy. I haven't heard very good feedback about the QC 2 from experienced quilters, but they go like hotcakes and for a pretty penny on eBay. I figured I'd try it out and if I don't like it I can always list it on eBay and get back pretty close to what I paid for it. Good luck with yours and please do let us know how you like it. I'll be waiting... :)

Jeanne said...

I just found your blog about Alto's Quilt Cut 2. I want one very badly but I don't want to pay $229. How much did you pay? If it was cheaper, will you navigate me to the place you bought it. I've been wanting to buy one for a while, but $229 is a lot of money when I can cut it myself. It looks like a great product and is so much cheaper than the GoBaby and Accuquilt. You don't have to buy dies. I don't need fancy cutting. Just straight cutting that is exact. Please watch the dvd and try it and tell me how you like it. If you want, I will buy it from you if you don't want to have to read the instructions or watch the dvd. Would you sell it for less than $229? I think you are so cool being a guy and quilting. Bravo to you!!! Jeanne

Lynn Oliver said...

Hi Tom. Years have passed. How do you like the QC2? I have the Accuquilt Go and hardly ever use it. Wastes too much fabric, takes too long. The older I getr, the harder it is to keep the ruler from slipping when I rotary cut.

Thanks, Lynn