Monday, December 8, 2008

Voyager 17, Update

I am happy to report that the adjustments made to the Voyager 17 seem to have solved the problems that my daughter was experiencing with the machine from the beginning. Here is a full sized quilt that was quilted, using five bobbins of thread. Daughter reports that there were no problems with the Voyager 17 during this three hour effort.
She quilted the quilt with a medium meander stitch pattern, as can be seen in these two photographs. Just click on the photo for a close up.

Now , we'll just keep our fingers crossed, that the adjustments have indeed solved any problems with the machine. Several readers have contacted me regarding what I did to solve the two major problems we were having with the machine. The first, being thread shredding. The second being the thread tension and its inconsistency. If the adjustments that I did hold, I'll post a description of what I did.
By the way! That's a great looking quilt. You can tell my daughter likes the scrappy look, as well as the log cabin block. Well done kiddo!


Holee said...

When I lived in Torrance Calif, I had a cabin at Big Bear. That log cabin quilt would have been just the thing to give the cabin a homey look! Great Job!

Soukies said...

Great job on the quilt!! It is really nice that you were able to fix the machine instead of having to send it out for repair!

beverly said...

Love the quilts! I would love to know what adjustments you did to the machine. I am having a horrible time trying to get mine adjusted. I have been told Nolting purchased Hinterberg and Voyager and I seem to be stuck in the change over. No one is able to provide any assistance.