Friday, December 5, 2008

Sewing Machine Switch-over

When in California I delivered a very nice Singer Featherweight sewing machine to my daughter. I acquired this machine several years ago, and was supposed to take it to her last year. But, being an ol man, I forgot to pack it. Not this year. For those that have one of these fine machines you all know that it comes with a foot that is quite narrow. If you want to use the foot as a guide when assembling squares you'd have an 1/8 inch seam.
I switched the foot from the White Jeans Machine with the Featherweight smaller foot. The Jeans Machine foot is wider and great for use as a guide for the 1/4 inch seam. These feet seem to be interchangable.

The Featherweight smaller foot on the Jeans Machine, can be used fine with the tape on the machine, to form a 1/4 inch guide for the standard quilt square seam. Or the smaller foot can be used when my daughter makes the small doll clothes that she makes.

Now here's the big boy! The Voyager 17 long arm quilting system with the cruise control, and everything else. This is the machine that I think I beat into submission. I originally thought that this machine was a female machine. Female machines are very difficult to get adjusted, and almost never stay in adjustment. But after I checked the serial number I was dismayed to find it was a male machine. That's why I had to "beat" it into submission. Once this machine gets into, and stays in adjustment it can be real fun to drive. Hopefully, we have come up with a set of our own instructions and fixes, that are an improvement to the ones that came with the machine.
All in all, daughter has a first rate set of tools, to match her first rate quilting.

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Holee said...

I have the 221 Singer and last week fixed my 301A. I never thought of trying any of the feet from the other machines I have stock piled. Instead last week when I ordered the rubber bobbin wheel for the 301 I ordered two 1/4feet that they claim work. Tomorrow I'll be trying new shoes on my machines and if they fit, I might be returning the ordered feet. Thanks for the tip!

Glad you made it home with no problems!